Precautions to Take Note When Driving in Rain

Driving in the rain is never a good idea. The road surfaces become slippery with water, making many vehicles to accidentally hydroplane, which could possibly result in collisions with other vehicles. Bodies of water caused by extreme rainfall can also cause engine failure and damage to your vehicle.

Nobody wants their automobile to break down in the rain, however, sometimes it is just unfortunate to encounter it. In addition, the rain makes waiting for roadside assistance prone to accidents. Following are four precautions to take when you need assistance while in the rain.

Be Visible

It is necessary to be as visible as possible if the vehicle breaks down in the rain. Both the driver and the vehicle become harder to be seen in rainy conditions, this is especially at night, so always spent the time to turn on hazard lights as well as side lights, but remember to avoid full beams because they can affect other drivers.

You may want to carry a high visibility vest in your vehicle for use in case of emergencies, which can be very useful for keeping visible in the rain when staying out of the vehicle. One should remain inside the vehicle and stop at a spot which is safe. even though there is always the possibility that you may need to wait outside for help.

Safe Distance, Drive Slower

Pulling over in the rain to check what is wrong with the vehicle is not an easy task. The brake of the vehicle needs to be changed to suit the wetter road surface and prevent hydroplaning, so always make sure you maintain a safe distance from vehicles and lower your speed when pulling over.

You should always keep a low speed when driving in the rain, so when there is a need to unexpectedly pull over, the speed should hopefully always be slower than usual. When pulled over, turn the hazard lights on and call for roadside assistance.

Do not Restart the Engine in Deep Water

Heavy rainfall often results in large bodies of water to develop on poorly conditioned roads. Sometimes these are the primary causes of a vehicle breakdown, with water as the main cause of damage to the engine.

It is tempting to restart the engine after unexpectedly driving through deep water. However, keep in mind not to do so at all costs. The water may cause the engine to lock up and damage piston rods as well as the valves so you may do harm the engine even more by trying to start it.

Shut the Hood

Breakdowns rise during heavy rains due to undue water and precipitation that can make engine parts to fail. This also affects the electrical and other parts of an automobile. so there is no need to open up the hood to try and find the sources of problems. It is better to keep it closed and hire roadside assistance.

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